Varicose Vein

Varicose veins are elongated, bulged and twisted veins below the skin on your legs that are darkish blue colour. Varicose veins are usually a symptom of a much more serious disease known as "venous insufficiency". Varicose veins are often accompanied by some symptoms including swelling, aching, heaviness, burning, cramping and itching. Varicose veins mostly found in lower limbs such as on the back of the calves, and the inner and front thighs, but they can occur anywhere within the leg.

At the vein surgery clinic we are able to offer the latest minimally invasive treatment options such as Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and venaseal as a day surgery to restore the appearance of your legs. If you choose not to treat your varicose vein, you most likely will face significant skin changes that can cause leg ulcer and blood clot inside varicose veins with risk of developing deep vein blood clot (DVT).